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I think that this Anime was the best in Spring 2017 ^^ it was so funny, romantic and they also hat action with magic and a none magic Sensei :3 maybe thats what made me to love Glenn Sensei the most ... He is bad at low Magic but he can still fight with his fist thanks to his Joker Card*-* Also Sistine is obviously in love with Glenn Sensei but in the first episode I really thought there was a Yuri ship with Sistine and Rumia but sadly there were for me too few episodes :// but all in all I made a "What do I do with a boy like you" Video because Glenn Sensei have so many Faces that Sistine don't know what she should do with him ~ so easy :D
Anime: Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
Music: Ke$ha ft Ashley Tisdale - Boy Like You