Hanala Sagal

Karaoke on the Fun 405 Freeway

2 нед. назад

Here's how to handle the traffic in LA. I'm driving the Boat Karaoke cast to Warner Bros. Join us for a car rehearsal. So far, nobody thinks the show's a bad idea.

Dog Functional Yacht Therapy 😎 Marina del Rey Style 😁 💖✌️

4 нед. назад

Launching Boat Karaoke this summer on the channel. Great voices, great stories. Like Carpool Karaoke with a prettier view. Sing your demons away!

How I Stopped Being My Own Enemy (Comedy Wellness Classic Flashback)

2 мес. назад

My program -- filmed in the 90's -- and I have really held up, don't you think? Here's what I did to stay fit. I'm Hanala, comedian, writer, singer, producer, dog yogi, ...

Can Sober Alcoholics Use Cannabis?

2 мес. назад

What do you think? Post below. Is weed medicinal or is it bad medicine? If you're in A.A. and use Cannabis, are you sober or not? I'm Hanala, comedian, writer, ...

Ear Training

2 мес. назад

Singing relieves stress, unless it causes it. Are you hitting the right notes? Do this for the sake of your family, friends & neighbors! I'm Hanala, comedian, writer, ...

Dog Functional Balance

3 мес. назад

If you don't focus on these posture pointers your balance won't improve. This video has my best advice for those concerned about falling. It'll help your ass from ...

Dog Functional Fitness🐾 I Carry Puppies not Guns

4 мес. назад

Peace & recovery to the YouTube HQ victims of the recent gun attack. I'm Hanala, writer, actress, singer, producer, dog yogi, sobriety coach and survival expert.

Fluffy Yoga "Dog Functional Warrior"

5 мес. назад

My yoga studio has great ventilation, it's open 24/7 and posing near large bodies of water makes me look skinnier. This is my Pump Up with Poodles Diet. I fill up ...

Help for Addicts & Alcoholics (If We're So Smart, Why are We So Stupid?)

6 мес. назад

I'm Hanala, comedy writer, actress, singer, producer, dog yogi, sobriety coach and survival expert. My recovery from EPIC ADDICTION is in my book on ...

Rehab Info

6 мес. назад

I'm Hanala, comedy writer, singer, survival expert and TODAY I have 35 years of sobriety! I got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous on December 28, 1982. I don't ...

Yoga for a Better Butt, Core & More...

6 мес. назад

Stay grounded & focus on your passion & on your abs. Here are great balance tips ;-) Peace begins in our minds. Inspire, perspire & never retire! When the world ...

Boat Karaoke Promo / Luxury Wellness / Like Carpool Karaoke but Prettier.

6 мес. назад

Great voices, great stories. Singing is a mini-vacation for your soul & it can thin your waistline. Post your song request for "Boat Karaoke" my new series coming ...

Come Behind the Scenes with Me / Boat Karaoke / Leave Your Song Request!

7 мес. назад

I'm Hanala, follow me to a happier tomorrow & funnier today! We're filming for a new series. Post a comment below & get onboard #BoatKaraoke virtually if not ...

These Boots Arrrr Made for Walkin' (Boat Karaoke Sing Along, Lyrics in Description)

7 мес. назад

And this is why we rehearse (for Boat Karaoke, our new series coming in 2018!) Post your song request in a comment box below, we'll see what we can do for ya ...

Singing Fitness Challenge "Karyoga" (Boat Karaoke, Lyrics in Description)

7 мес. назад

I got thinner by singing. It's the MUSICAL DIET. Belting out a tune forces me to breathe and I belt out resentments, too. Practice your scales, balance & focus, ...


7 мес. назад

My new screenplay fits the times. Traumaland is the story of the daughter of Holocaust survivors who survives bad parenting, bad dates and epic dysfunction to ...

#FBF TRAUMALAND (AFM 2017 Screenplay Trailer)

7 мес. назад

Welcome to TRAUMALAND, the trailer for the new screenplay based on my best-selling memoir. I'm Hanala, writer, actress, producer... Follow Me: ...

New Pep Talk: How & Why I Stay Positive!

8 мес. назад

Does winning Academy Awards wipe away decades of rejection? Pretty EXTRA nuts in #America right now! Here's how I cope with the #CRAZY: #YOGA ...

"Boat Karaoke" Outtakes - New Series Coming in 2018

8 мес. назад

Filming the cool sizzle reel for a new, fun series. Can't be cranky while singing on a boat! Get onboard, what's your shower song?? We take requests. Comment ...

Click Video Link to Donate to Puerto Rico

9 мес. назад

It's always something. Let's not get down, let's get busy! Donate to Puerto Rico by clicking the American Red Cross link in this video. I donated, have you?

Stay Up as Life Blows Pose (Watch & Donate to the Red Cross)

9 мес. назад

Click the RED CROSS link to donate to hurricane victims!!! #hurricaneseason2017 #earthquakes #Trump... There's plenty to shake you these days! This video ...