Trump and Putin: A surreal moment in US politics

11 час. назад

The problem is no one's prepared to do something with the information we already have. Subscribe to our channel! We don't know ...

The (mostly) true story of hobo graffiti

2 дн. назад

What we know about hobo graffiti comes from hobos — a group that took pride in embellishing stories. Subscribe to our channel! is ...

We produce 13 tons of hazardous waste every second [Advertiser content from MailChimp]

3 дн. назад

Most homes across America have a stash of chemical cleaners under the sink that becomes hazardous waste as soon as you're done using them. And some of ...

How your split ends can help clean oil spills

5 дн. назад

Hair isn't just for top knots; it can protect the ocean too. Subscribe to our channel! While oil spills have declined over the years, they still ...

Why seeking asylum in America is so difficult

6 дн. назад

America has led the world in refugee resettlement for 15 years, but asylum cases have pushed political tempers to a tipping point. Subscribe to our channel!

Vox Borders Hong Kong starts next week

7 дн. назад

Every Wednesday, starting 7/18/18, see a new side of Hong Kong. Follow the Vox Borders watch page: Follow Johnny ...

Bees can understand zero. Can you?

1 нед. назад

Zero is a mysterious and powerful number. Let's not take it for granted. Subscribe to our channel! The number is a relatively new invention in ...

Why France produces the most World Cup players

2 нед. назад

And some of the best. For source material, make sure to check out the work of Darko Dukic here: This video has ...

Why the US national anthem is terrible — and perfect

2 нед. назад

Vox's Estelle Caswell and Joss Fong debate "The Star Spangled Banner" Subscribe to our channel! When Francis Scott Key attached his ...

How one typeface took over movie posters

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Why Hollywood kept using Trajan. Subscribe to our channel! For the past 25 years, one typeface has dominated Hollywood typography: ...

Can Trump really pardon himself?

3 нед. назад

We asked legal experts about the limits of a president's pardoning power. Subscribe to our channel! Take a look at the US Constitution and ...

It's not you. Date labels on food make no sense.

4 нед. назад

Food labels don't mean what you think they mean. Subscribe to our channel! When people clean out their fridge, they look at whatever date ...

Why Americans suck at soccer (well, the men)

4 нед. назад

We've got a theory, and it involves the soccer wars. Subscribe to our channel! Watch the SB Nation video about the 1999 US Women's World ...

How Islamist militant groups are gaining strength in Africa

4 нед. назад

Terrorist groups are destabilizing countries all over the continent. Subscribe to our channel! Islamist terrorist groups have found a new home ...

The voices of children separated at the border

4 нед. назад

Over 2300 children have been separated from their families. Read ProPublica reporter Ginger Thompson's article here: ...

How TV gave us the classic soccer ball

1 мес. назад

The 2018 World Cup football is a nod back to an iconic design. Subscribe to our channel! Learn more about how the World Cup works and ...

Dungeons and Dragons, explained

1 мес. назад

Why we love this nerdy role-playing fantasy game. Subscribe to our channel! In an age of virtual reality, video games, and smartphones, ...

How did quietness become a sign of quality? [Advertiser content from 3M]

1 мес. назад

Absolute silence doesn't actually exist in nature. Even in the quietest of spaces, there's still wind blowing, air conditioners humming, and birds chirping.

What does “denuclearization” mean?

1 мес. назад

It depends on which country you ask. Subscribe to our channel! Read our analysis on the winners and losers from the US-North Korea ...

Trump invented a fake spy scandal. People will still believe it.

1 мес. назад

It's a tactic the president has used before, and it works. Subscribe to our channel! President Trump calls it calls it “spygate:” the allegation ...

Why 350°F is the magic number for baking

1 мес. назад

Turns out there's a lot of chemistry in cooking. Subscribe to our channel! Ever notice the first step for baking a cookie is almost always to ...